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This is a group of people who are interested in nudism. Modesty is a religious and patriarchal construct and a product and instigator of rape culture. When people are expected to cover their bodies so other people don't have to deal with their sexual feelings, it creates a culture in which victims are blamed for how they're dressed and perpetrators are given an excuse to sexually assault. In this same culture, people are not used to seeing bodies which means they have not learned to control their sexual feelings including sexual impulses.

Most people have not learned to see a human body as just a body. Instead, they view bodies with such a strong sense of novelty, that it creates an unnaturally high level of sexual arousal. This can be changed when those people get used to seeing bodies. Countries with the highest levels of modesty also have the highest number of rapes.


You are welcome to share information about nudist locations and the legality of nudism in different countries/cities. You are also welcome to share articles about nudism. Since entries are only visible to group members, you may post photos of naked sunbathing, swimming etc. But no sexual activity is to be shown in any photos.




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