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Das macht mich aus...

Hallo zusammen,

ich stamme aus Deutschland und spreche dementsprechend auch deutsch, aber da ich in Irland lebe und hier weder weg kann noch will, ist mein Profil auf englisch, und mostly copied from an (as you will see somewhat more spiritually oriented) English page, for now - sorry, so little time - will amend as soon as I can!

Hi there. I honestly wish you could just read my mind, or essence, to get a grasp of who I am, but since to most of us this is not an option (yet)... here we go. Since coming across the rather nerdy metaphysical philosophy of the Ra Material/Law of One, I firmly believe that we are all One (and at some, less conscious, level for my whole life). But that small speck of the infinite One that I experience as 'me' in this incarnation is living on my own wee vegan organic 10 acre farm and sanctuary in South Sligo (Heartstone Veganic Microsanctuary, see link below), close to the Ox mountains, with a couple of vegan rescue animals - currently three calves, two cows, two Irish Cobs (Tinkers in Germany - which is, by the way, a derogatory term for travellers, who have first bred Irish Cobs and still do), two Shetland ponies, four sheep, two cats and two Staffies - and also the intention to create, or rather to extend and properly maintain, the forest garden in the making, and to grow more veganic fruit and veg than are currently here (with the aim of creating surplus to give away for free or to swap for something different, ideally).

Apart from that, and as much as my time and energies allow, I am also supporting adult survivors of complex traumata, specifically organised and occult/ritual abuse, and the typical epiphenomena of child pornography, child prostitution, and systematic torture.

I'm vegan for over 20 years and an animal rights activist for just as long, and have been working as a political TV journalist before supporting trauma survivors, researching and documenting animal and human rights issues, mainly undercover and/or in night research. I've also studied a few semesters of computer science, social sciences and psychology, and done a few other things. =:)

Personality-wise, I'm compassionate and empathic (what some might call an empath, flip sides included), and highly sensitive to people's and places' energies. I'm more a 'masculine' type - no drama, no games, not a person of too many words - but of course, that requires being reflective and honest, especially with oneself, and the intention to be one's best self as well as the willingness to work on that on the part of the other. I am looking for someone capable of being present emotionally - which isn't always easy, especially for people who have been traumatised in one or the other way in their lives.

I love and need my peace and quiet, which is (part of) why I have not only moved to Ireland in the first place, but ever further North West as the landscape is the most unspoilt and the population density the lowest in this area of the country. I love mountains, the sea and old trees, snow and rainbows, the sun, and nature in general (surprise!), as well as walking and hiking with the dogs when budget and workload allow (I would love to go bog walking with the Irish Cobs, too, but cannot do that on my own =:)). I also love old graveyards, especially Irish ones (though Père Lachaise isn't too bad either), ruins, megalithic monuments, age-old sacred sites, and photographs of the aforementioned, preferably black and white. Simon Marsden, anyone? ^°^

Oh, and I'm from Germany originally, so please excuse my accent - still working on it! =:) And, finally, speaking of Germany, my former husband has gone back there, and the divorce is underway.

Please note: As I am very limited in terms of available time and energy (got CFS/ME and a sanctuary ;)), I am, sadly, not in a position to maintain extensive written or otherwise distant communication (still working on my telepathy skills though! :)). Of course, I also don't want to encourage anyone to travel, for we as humankind simply cannot afford that, climate-wise. Thus, I am mainly looking for people who are either at least contemplating to move to Ireland, or living on the British Isles already. Sorry!

The pictures in my album are most certainly not the best that have ever been taken of me, but, as I'm on my own here, I just don't have many recent ones, and I'm certainly not gonna start taking selfies. :p

"The moon casts its shadows. What shall you see? Link hands and walk towards the sun." (One of my favourite Ra quotes)

What do you like to do for fun/activities?

I love walking and hiking with the dogs, and anything nature in general (love the sea, but it's almost an hour's drive), I used to like going for a night out, and I love Irish step dance (Lord of the Dance & Co.), and started learning it in Germany, but they don't teach adults in Ireland! :o

How are you environmentally conscious & what are you doing to help the planet?

Buying vegan organic foods, fabrics, cosmetics and whatever else is needed (for everyone at the farm) and wherever possible local or fair trade and seasonal, and of course all the other basics, like driving as little as possible, using green energy, recycling, using as little plastic and creating as little waste as possible, recycling a no-brainer, growing my own as much as I can (not much at the moment, sadly), solid-fuel heating with carbon-neutral logs made from wood waste and timber from trees knocked over by storms... Healthy eating is also important to me, so whole foods only, and no white flour or sugar (xylitol/birch sugar instead).

And as, from my perspective, peace and healing of the planet and humanity itself are also about frequencies and intent, meditation plays its part here, too: "In unity all paradoxes are resolved; all that is broken is healed; all that is forgotten is brought to light." (Ra)

What are you most passionate about?
Peace, animal rights, human rights, civil rights, environmental rights, sustainability, trauma-informed care and education.

What kind of pets do you have? (Names)?

Rescued cows, horses, sheep, Staffies and cats (names to be found online).

Do you support any charitable organizations?

Yes, as much as possible, mainly animal sanctuaries and rescues, and vegan food aid, but also other humanitarian causes. I'd support them all, if I could (that's the trustworthy ones, of course)! My long-time favourite is Ah, and, of course.

What makes you smile?

Positive news and people with truly positive intent, who want to serve, support and help others and to spread love, compassion and understanding. And of course nature's beauty, and animals showing love and compassion towards not only people, but also animals, even of different species, which I am seeing a lot here at my place lately. So heartwarming! And of course nature's beauty. Oh, and did I say nature's beauty?

Ich suche...

Besides a partner, I'm looking to meet like-minded people in general, as my rather specific interests and ideals (Law of One and meditation, veganism, conscious, ethical and responsible living, human rights, environmental rights, animal rights, nonviolence, peace, equality, justice, sustainability, self-sufficiency...) sometimes make it a bit difficult for a people not to feel offended just by my very being (or rather, my values, which naturally confront their own way of relating to the world).


Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?

Free time? Which free time? (Not kidding.)

Ohne was gehst du nie aus dem Haus?

My dogs. Ever.

Welche Musik hörst du gerne?

I used to identify as a Goth and to some extent still do, despite not looking much like it anymore (apart from the black clothes) and there not being Gothic events in this part of the country really. Goth was my emotional 'cradle', if you will, where all the pain and suffering in the world had its place and found expression, where your own weltschmerz was accepted and even shared by others.

I mostly listen to meditative music lately, and also love other types of music, from Irish folk to classical, from (dark) ambient and chill out to house, from glam rock to film scores, from (some) musicals to tribal/fusion/percussion, even some punk...

Was ist dein Lieblingsfilm, -Sendung, -Buch?


Harold & Maude
Peaceable Kingdom
A River Runs Through It

Pirates of the Caribbean :)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show :))

However, I have no TV and have been watching only almost exclusively documentaries (and TED talks) for a long time now, again on my preferred subjects of animals, the environment, trauma, sustainability, social justice, peace, health...

Books: Specialist books on all the topics that are important to me: Complex trauma, occult/ritual abuse, sacred/spiritual activism, vegan organic growing, permaculture... And, of course, the Ra Material/Law of One series by L/L Research!


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