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  • Why doesn't "show more" fit to "people that took a look at your profile" on "my site"?
  • Only up to 24 registered profiles will be shown in your last-visitor-list. The total number includes non-registered visitors and users that set themselves to hidden status.
  • Why can't I upload a new picture?
  • Often the picture is too big (no image bigger than 2 MB is allowed), the internet connection isn't fast enough or you might be using a picture in the wrong file format (JPEG, GIF and PNG are allowed).
  • Where can I change my age or birthdate?
  • The age is calculated from the birthdate you enter during the registration. It is not possible for users to change their birthday after registration. But you can send us a short message via the support form and we will change it for you.
  • How can I block a user and what impact does this have?
  • You can block a user by opening their profile and clicking the "Block" link (circle with oblique line). The blocked user, as well as the blocking user, can neither see the profile of the other user nor send him/her a message.
  • How do I delete my profile?
  • You can delete your profile by clicking here. Your stored data will be permanently and irrevocably deleted 14 days after deactivation. The delay was built in to be able to restore accidentally deleted profiles.
  • What does the arrow between picture and age?
  • An arrow pointing to the left means you have received a message but not answered yet, an arrow pointing to the right means you have sent a message but have not yet received an answer, an arrow in both directions means that you have sent both a message and a message have.
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