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These words describe me best...

honest, patient, nurterer  talkative, introvert, shy  open, vegan, virtuous

That's me...

I'm just an introverted, but outgoing when approached ethical vegan who's never kissed, and is looking for someone the same

I love spending time either alone or with singular company, I like listening to music (but doesnt everyone?), playing games since I have no one in real life to do anything else with! pfft =p, I am a boxer.. working on amateur division bouts to see how I do. I have AS, I can paint when I really try... feel free to check out my page

it's odd. I feel stunted for words so I will move onto the next questions : D haha

I'm looking for...

a vegan who like me has never kissed, and would just like to form a friendship and see where it goes. Somebody friendly, virtuous, ethical, introverted and kind. Who would love to spend a lot of time walks, at night.. or indoors on games


What makes you laugh?

randomly funny things which come out of nowhere lol

What makes you cry?

thinking about the death of others like animals, and sometimes it gets to me here and there about how nothing is permanent, like one day, my mom will be gone, she's been my best friend who's a person who's been there for me in an otherwise lonely world. Who's understood me so sometimes it does get to me that one day it will be just me, and i won't see my mom again. I think about my rats who've passed away too, and my dogs... they all mean equal to me. just things like that

What are you afraid of?

what time takes away

What drives you mad?

people who lie to gain an advantage, people who influence others against virtue. Those who don't care about the long term impact on others of their careless indulgence driven choices and influence upon others they use. Sadly those people are more charming and have a stronger influence

What are your negative and positive features?

I avoid the world, before boxing I barely left the house for 10 years. I didn't have friends, I gave up on that. I was diagnosed with AS age 14 after some things happened in life all at once and I just felt alone and given up so I wanted to just be alone. So although I aspire to see how I do in boxing, out of hope for a future..... I don't work. I have AS and AvPD. I don't drink alcohol. I never take advantage of others I am not an opportunitist. But I am not as functional in life like others. I have difficulty with routines and I can't be around others too long without needing isolation. Hence I just look for one person as similar as possible in life. But it's hard, because life forces you to find someone.. but when you're like me... finding someone is not easy. It's not easy for anyone. I wish that I could switch off my inner need to find another and be fully content on my own completely, forever.... but we all need to find someone


How do you spend your free time?

Alone, damnit : D lol

You never leave the house without...

the darkness to conceal me. Actually I don't have it that bad anymore, but I still prefer night! especially if it's raining! lol

What kind of music do you listen to?

motown, classic: reggae, rock and pop. piano and film orchestra soundtracks even though I do not watch many films

What's your favorite movie, series, book?

things like legends of the fall, braveheart (both very inspiring to me when younger), hatchi... things like that

Which character from a book or movie would you like to be?

there are aspects of many people we would want, whether they are considerably successful or not. but to be another we have to relinquish every choice we made for their own. but we made our choices because they meant something to us. I wouldn't mind looking like Tristan Ludlow though, haha. I don't know who I would want to be


How important is god/religion/faith to you?

I am an agnostic


Love is...

something which takes time, which shouldnt be driven by infatuation. based on relation, and a sentimentality nurtured through friendship

How will you recognize your dream partner?

someone who shares the same ethics and similar interests. who's a sentimental and shy person. and like me never been physical or kissed a man because she too understands how much that thought hurts... so she waited for the one, like I did.

What does your dream relationship look like?



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