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  • Ebersbach an der Fils, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Ebersbach an der Fils
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These words describe me best...

mindful  silly  giving

That's me...

Sillyness and thoughtfulness shake hands. I like to be myself, that´s the best favour you can do to yourself.

Before a calm mind the whole universe surrenders ^^

I´m pretty much interested in almost everything, which doesn´t mean I like everything I´m interested in. I guess I´ve conserved my curiousity from my childhood. Music (listening and writing), I love to do many kind of sports, to be outdoors enjoying nature, to laugh at myself ^^ to be together with friends and do all kind of activities, to be a hobby-big cat-researcher, to be spontaneous, to be a good listener in a conversation and to spread positive thoughts

I'm looking for...

what I willingly encounter und what attracts me


What makes you laugh?

myself, friends, silly thoughts, people who don´t take themselves to serious, live itself

What makes you cry?

Everything that touches me deep inside. Nature, songs, people, stories, movies, animals...

What are you afraid of?

Complete loneliness.

What drives you mad?

You have to try really hard before I get mental ^^

What are your negative and positive features?

Negative: I can talk, talk and talk ^^
Positive: I don´t take myself too serious and love to linger in stories / experiences / biographies of others.


How do you spend your free time?

Sport, band, meditaion, being together with friends and family

You never leave the house without...

hopefully with my underwear and trousers

What kind of music do you listen to?

almost everything. Ok, not almost everything but a loooot

What's your favorite movie, series, book?

Film: Körper und Seele. Movie 43. Das Leben der Anderen
Buch: Herman Hesses Siddhartha
Serien: Dark! Breaking Bad. Game Of Thrones. Orange Is The New Black. Chernobyl.


What's your motto?

find yourself and you´re going to find many things.

How important are your friends and family to you?

Both are crucial.

How important are the opinions of other people to you?

Depends on the person

How important is god/religion/faith to you?

Rather unimportant. I´m more of a "just try to be a good human" Person.

Though I do understand, that religion can give people support, meaning in life and stability.


Love is...

understanding is love and love is understanding. A great teacher and something that needs attention and care like yourself.

What does your dream relationship look like?

Both appreciate the closeness together and the freedom that both have. Both appreciate the individual growth as well as the mutual growth and support each other in that goal.

How important is erotic and sex to you?

Don´t be a fool. As much and as deeply you love someone, it won´t last long, if both are not sexually satisfied. At least, that´s my experience and that of a lot of friends.


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