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  • Bucharest, Romania


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28 - 120
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I am always happy to meet new vegan friends.
When I downloaded this app I didn't know that the majority of users speak German and I'm so sorry to say that I haven't learned German yet, but I will in the future. I will keep using this app because I already met some very good people here, but I will only be able to speak English well. Thank you for understanding!


How do you spend your free time?

Learning to code most days, but in my left free time I read, watch Star Trek, go out with my bike, take care of my plants on the balcony, I go hiking in the weekends where I also take pictures of plants&animals. When I travel I like to see all the parks the city has to offer.

You never leave the house without...

My bottle of water

What kind of music do you listen to?

Jazz, blues and progressive rock mostly, but I'm open to many kinds of music.

What's your favorite movie, series, book?

Star Trek are my favourite series(all of them). I've watched Black Books tens of times.
I love old movies most, but I watch any cinematography that's promising.
The books that stay with me most are those I've read by authors like Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Isabel Allende, Alice Munro etc.

Which character from a book or movie would you like to be?



How important is god/religion/faith to you?

I am not a big fan of religions.

Do you believe in fate or astrology?

I do not.


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