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  • Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


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These words describe me best...

Smash  Bros.  Melee

That's me...

I travel the world a lot with work and I love it.
I love technology, computers and science both and most of my hobbies reflect this.
I think cooking is great fun and I'm really interested in living in a more sustainable and logical way.
I am terrible at home decorating.
I moved to Germany and still didn't learn German.... >_<

I'm looking for...

Someone who can tolerate a lot of English and really awful German,
someone who likes to travel to interesting places and not just tourist spots or resorts,
someone who is passionate about their hobbies and wouldn't blink to enthuse me in them,
someone who can drag me out of my comfortable shell and motivate me to enjoy life.


What drives you mad?

Bad vegan food. Perfume/smoke/strong smells. Fleece. Appearance fixation.

What are your negative and positive features?

Positive: I know English well

Negative: I can understand 4 languages and German is not one (but I am learning it).

I try to be honest. Calm, humorous, helpful. Snore sometimes (but not so loud). Introvert.


How do you spend your free time?

Learning new skills (music, programming, digital art/design, maybe woodworking or similar in the future)
Interacting with friends
Playing games

I watch very little TV so if it came out in the past 10 years I most likely didn't see it :p.

You never leave the house without...

I do leave my house without a gamecube controller, but I always bring one or two with me everywhere I travel :).

What kind of music do you listen to?

Prog, metal, reggae, rap, techno, blues, jazz.... Honestly I'll give anything a try, as long as the message is good or the tune is nice. That means very little contemporary pop though hahaha.

What's your favorite movie, series, book?

I love realistic sci-fi and movies with a message or lesson to be had. I don't watch much movies or series just to kill time, I want to be genuinely moved, or learn something from it.

Examples that I liked in the near past is Moon (the movie from 2009), 2001 a space odyssey, the Martian (the book, not the movie) and Ex Machina (2014).


How important are your friends and family to you?

They are very important to me. I have little contact with many of my family members and I also have few close friends, so I value those very highly.

How important are the opinions of other people to you?

If they have a good point, I will listen. Otherwise I try not to care too much, I don't mind all that much if I am different from the norm.

How important is god/religion/faith to you?

Not at all.

Do you believe in fate or astrology?

No, but I do think there is a level of determinism in life that is very hard to explain. Everything happens for a reason, but that reason doesn't have to have a deeper meaning than it just existing. I believe life is what you make of it, but you have to play the cards you have been dealt.


How will you recognize your dream partner?

On the outside I can appear shy and introvert. If I'm having a bad day, I might almost seem uncomfortable with myself or appear uninterested and apathetic.

But that is not the real me. Someone who makes me feel trust and brings out my social side, someone who enthuses me and makes me excited for even the smallest things is how I know.

Your dream partner shouldn't be...?

I am looking for a serious relationship and someone to build a future together with. It's not someone who is very judgemental and closed minded. It's not someone who is extreme in anything, or apathetic to everything.

How important is erotic and sex to you?

It's very important in many ways.


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